A Game-Changer in Deck Leveling:
The Story Behind Top Deck Leveler (TDL)

Rey Laferriere - The inventor of Top Deck Leveler
Rey Laferriere, The Inventor of Top Deck Leveler

“Every great invention is born from a problem.

Picture this: Crawling beneath a deck, dodging old lumber, swatting away spider webs, inhaling that unmistakable mildew odor, and battling with unyielding deck posts. Now, add the challenge of navigating through scattered screws, sharp nails, and protruding boards. Exhausting, isn’t it? That was precisely my sentiment while reminiscing about my countless under-deck endeavors, and it became the spark for my brainchild: Top Deck Leveler (TDL).

Drawing from 30+ years as a senior service technician in the printing industry, where I specialized in troubleshooting and installing massive, 50-ton printing presses, precision leveling was at the core of my expertise. The challenge? Existing leveling systems were overly complex. I’ve always been an advocate for the K.I.S.S. principle – Keep It Stupendously Simple. Once, a system caught my eye due to its sheer simplicity, but its manufacturer eventually closed shop. Yet, the concept lingered in my thoughts.

Considering the current deck leveling products, a shared inconvenience stood out: the constant need to crawl underneath. I envisioned a straightforward, effective system that allows adjustments from the deck’s surface itself, eliminating the under-deck ordeal. Thus, Top Deck Leveler (TDL) came to life.

TDL’s first real-world test? My son’s deck in British Columbia, perched on a mountain base with a challenging slope. The outcome? A resounding success. Three years in, and he still effortlessly levels his deck from the top, avoiding the pitfalls of the traditional approach.

Fuelled by my son’s encouragement and endless refining, TDL’s patent application for the U.S.A. and Canada was finalized in February 2020. Now, with units manufactured in Canada and available online and through local outlets, I am thrilled to offer a solution that prioritizes safety and simplicity.

I invite you to discover the game-changing Top Deck Leveler – a testament to innovation born from genuine need.

Cheers to safer, simpler deck installations and adjustments.

~ Rey Laferriere, The Brain Behind Top Deck Leveler.