NEW!  TDL Leveling Systems:
Beyond Decking, Revolutionizing Structural Repair!

TDL leveling system

Discover the Potential of TDL Leveling Systems!

Beyond the realms of just decking, the versatile applications of TDL Leveling Systems are breaking boundaries daily. Proudly recognized as the brainchild of PGT Global Inc., these devices have revolutionized the way structural repairs are approached.

A Real-Life Success Story:
Faced with the daunting task of mending a severely water-damaged, two-story house’s structural wall, our team discovered the unmatched capabilities of the TDL Leveling Systems. Years of water infiltration due to improper roof flashing transition had compromised the structural integrity of the wall, causing sagging in both the upper floor and roof rafters.

Where traditional methods suggested beams, shims, or toe jacks for stability, we saw an opportunity to innovate. Integrating three TDL Leveling Devices per support wall, not only were we able to stabilize the compromised floors and walls, but the intuitive adjusting bolts also empowered us to effortlessly rectify the sagging sections.

The end result? A robust set of jacking walls that stand as a testament to the ease and effectiveness of the TDL Leveling Systems. These reusable jacking walls are now a versatile tool in our arsenal, ready to tackle a myriad of structural repairs and modifications.

Why Choose TDL Leveling Systems?
✅ Multi-purpose: Not just for decks!
✅ Innovative: Crafted for ease, efficiency, and durability.
✅ Reusable: Designed for repeated use in diverse structural challenges.

Experience structural repair and modification like never before, only with the TDL Leveling Devices. Step into the future of structural innovations!

TDL leveling system

From Challenge to Solution:
(Left) Compromised structural wall of a two-story house.
(Middle) Top Deck Leveler jacking support walls on the second floor.
(Right) Top Deck Leveler jacking support wall on the main floor.