Frequently Asked Questions
Top Deck Leveler (TDL)

Dive into our most asked questions and uncover the unmatched benefits of Top Deck Levelers. Got a unique question? Reach out, and we’ll gladly assist!

Q: Will Top Deck Levelers compromise my deck’s stability?

A: Absolutely not. Engineered to perfection, Top Deck Levelers are fastened to the main beam and the top of the support post, keeping constant load on the post and footing.


Q: Isn’t it a myth that all decks shift?

A: Think again! Mother Earth has her movements, causing inevitable shifts in outdoor structures. Although you might hear differing opinions, reality is, all structures, including decks, will experience shifts over time. Sure, with deep pockets you might minimize it, but completely eradicating it? That’s a tall order!

Q: Can I retrofit my existing deck with Top Deck Levelers?

A: Here’s the scoop: Top Deck Levelers shine brightest in new builds, tailored for 3 layer laminated beams. If your current deck boasts this beam, installation is possible! It’ll need a bit of work – like beam jacking, post removal, and specific drilling. Once set, you’re good to roll with an upgraded, easily adjustable deck.

Q: Installation – tricky or a breeze?

A: Trust us, it’s a walk in the park! Our design ensures seamless installation on a 3-layer support beam. A few notches here and there, and you’re set. Want a visual guide? Check out our step-by-step instructional video. We aim to make complex tasks a cakewalk for you!

Q: How do I figure out the number of Top Deck Levelers I need?

A: Simple math! Match the number of your deck’s support post locations to the required Top Deck Levelers. Draft your deck plans, tally your posts, and there’s your answer!

Q: Is investing in Top Deck Levelers going to burn a hole in my pocket?

A: Quality often comes with a price tag, but we promise competitive rates. Pit us against other leveling products, and you’ll see the cost-effective brilliance of TDL. Plus, our design’s simplicity means fewer materials, saving your wallet in the long run.

Q: What sets Top Deck Levelers apart in the market?

A: Our patented design is turning heads and making folks wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” With TDL, say goodbye to crawling under your deck. A quick ratchet adjustment from the top and voilà – a level deck. It’s deck adjustment made ridiculously easy.

Q: Where do Top Deck Levelers come to life?

A: Crafted with precision in Canada! Our cutting-edge manufacturing hub is nestled in Manitoba. With CNC laser cutting and rigorous quality checks, we ensure only the best reaches you. Plus, our close-by weatherproof powder coating partner ensures quality and affordability go hand in hand.