8 Reasons to Install Top Deck Levelers

Top Deck Leveler with cap

What our Customers are Saying

First time building a deck and was told about Top Deck Levelers. I installed the levelers on concrete leveling blocks so I could have the deck low to the ground. Top Deck Levelers gave me the ability to adjust the height and level from the top of the deck.

Timo K., Top Deck Leveler Customer

After reading about the Top Deck Leveler product in our local paper I contacted Rey to see if they could be retrofitted on an existing deck because they were exactly the solution I had been looking for over the past 10 years. Due to a high water table on our property our deck has continued to shift year over year even though it is built on piles. I have had to either crawl underneath to try to make adjustments or pay to have the deck leveled usually every couple years. We have tried multiple different solutions including using teleposts most recently however they ended up rusting to the point of being unable to adjust. Top Deck Leveler is a perfect fit. The adjustment is done from the top of the deck so no need to crawl around underneath and the adjust mechanism is concealed within the support beams so it’s not exposed to the Manitoba weather. Rey was fantastic to work with, he told me exactly what the solution would look like and delivered promptly well beyond our expectations. I definitely recommend the Top Deck Leveler!

Dennis Y., Top Deck Leveler Customer

Top Deck Leveler Accessories

Post Anti-Deflection Set

Post. Anti-Deflection Plates

Post Anti-Deflection Installed

top deck leveler with anti-deflection plates installed

Top Deck Leveler Pricing

Top Deck Leveler Kit

$$4995MSRP (plus appl. taxes)
  • Requires 4 – ¼” x 2″ structural screws (sold separately)
  • <strong>Call to Order! (204) 781-5170</strong>

Post Anti-Deflection Set

$$4995MSRP (plus appl. taxes)
  • Requires 6 – ¼” x 2″ structural screws (sold separately)
  • <strong>Call to Order! (204) 781-5170</strong>

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Roels Handyman Services Inc.
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e: harvey.roels@gmail.com

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