8 Reasons to Install Top Deck Levelers

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What our Customers are Saying

First time building a deck and was told about Top Deck Levelers. I installed the levelers on concrete leveling blocks so I could have the deck low to the ground. Top Deck Levelers gave me the ability to adjust the height and level from the top of the deck.

Timo K., Top Deck Leveler Customer

After reading about the Top Deck Leveler product in our local paper I contacted Rey to see if they could be retrofitted on an existing deck because they were exactly the solution I had been looking for over the past 10 years. Due to a high water table on our property our deck has continued to shift year over year even though it is built on piles. I have had to either crawl underneath to try to make adjustments or pay to have the deck leveled usually every couple years. We have tried multiple different solutions including using teleposts most recently however they ended up rusting to the point of being unable to adjust. Top Deck Leveler is a perfect fit. The adjustment is done from the top of the deck so no need to crawl around underneath and the adjust mechanism is concealed within the support beams so it’s not exposed to the Manitoba weather. Rey was fantastic to work with, he told me exactly what the solution would look like and delivered promptly well beyond our expectations. I definitely recommend the Top Deck Leveler!

Dennis Y., Top Deck Leveler Customer

Top Deck Leveler Accessories

Post Anti-Deflection Set

Post. Anti-Deflection Plates

Post Anti-Deflection Installed

top deck leveler with anti-deflection plates installed

Top Deck Leveler Pricing

Top Deck Leveler Kit

$$4995MSRP (plus appl. taxes)
  • Requires 4 – ¼” x 2″ GRK screws (sold separately)
  • Call to Order! (204) 781-5170

Post Anti-Deflection Set

$$4995MSRP (plus appl. taxes)
  • Requires 6 – ¼” x 2″ GRK screws (sold separately)
  • Call to Order! (204) 781-5170

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to most common questions we’ve been asked. If you’re question isn’t listed, then please feel free to contact us!

Q: Do Top Deck Levelers affect the stability of my deck?

ANSWER: No. Top Deck Levelers are designed so they mount between the main beam and the support post. The downward force ensures the post is solid to the footing.

Q: Do all decks shift?

ANSWER: Yes they do!! Contrary to many different claims, all outdoor structures shift. The earth is constantly shifting which means that all structures will shift eventually. This can be a very hot topic in many different forums. Many claims seem legitimate and in the end everything will eventually succumb to shifting.

If you have an unlimited budget and want to spend huge amounts of money there certainly are methods to reduce shifting to a minimum and with that said I would argue that you will never eliminate it entirely.

Q: Can Top Deck Levelers be installed on an existing deck?

ANSWER: This is a yes and no answer. Top Deck Levelers are designed for new builds. Our specific design is meant for installation on a 3 layer laminated beam.

If your existing deck has a 3 layer beam it is possible to install Top Deck Levelers but it will require jacking and supporting the beam, removing existing posts and drilling the center of the beam with a 1 1/2″ ship auger nail cutter bit. You can then install Top Deck Levelers to the beam and mount pressure plates to tops of posts. Note: you will have to shorten your posts by a Minimum of 2″- Maximum 3″ to allow for Top Deck Levelers mounting and allowing a 1″ protrusion of the leveling bolt.

Q: Are Top Deck Levelers easy to install?

ANSWER: Yes, it is a very straightforward procedure. Top Deck Levelers are designed for a 3 layer support beam. During the construction of a 3 layer beam the center layer (2nd board) is marked for support post locations and 1 1/2″ notches are cutout in each location. The 3rd layer is then attached and the 3 layer beam is complete. The Top Deck Levelers are then mounted to the underside of the beam in each notched location. The support post pressure plates are mounted to the top of each post. For further information on installation please refer to our instruction video. TDL making the difficult tasks simple and easy!!!

Q: How many Top Deck Levelers do I need for my deck

ANSWER: Top Deck Levelers are installed at each support post location. Once you have your plans complete you can determine how many are needed based on how many posts you require.

Q: Are Top Deck Levelers expensive?

ANSWER: We always recommend our customers to check current pricing of leveling products such as screw piles and other types of levelers. You will certainly find that TDL are very competitively priced. The simplicity of our design allows you to complete your project with minimal materials that in the end will cost you much less and yet give you the ability to level your deck when necessary from the top.

Q: What makes Top Deck Levelers so unique?

ANSWER: The Top Deck Levelers Patented Design has everyone saying, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Once Top Deck Levelers are installed you’ll never have to go under your deck again to adjust it or shim it. You simply remove the weatherproof cap (supplied) and use your ratchet, extension, and 23mm 12pt socket and adjust to desired level. Replace the cap and enjoy the rest of your day. Simple and Easy!!!

Q: Where are Top Deck Levelers manufactured?

ANSWER: Top Deck Levelers are manufactured in Canada. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities are located in Manitoba. TDL are all CNC laser cut to perfection. Quality control is a key factor in our process and every part is inspected prior to leaving our facility. Our weatherproof powder coating is produced in a facility close to our manufacturing facility which helps to keep the overall costs down.

The Top Deck Leveler Story

My son asked me to help build him a new deck. While developing the plan, I cringed recalling all the times I’ve had to crawl underneath a deck through disgusting old lumber, dead bugs, swiping spider webs out of the way, and wallowing in the damp mildew stench of the filthy job trying to relevel the deck posts every spring. The last deck, I’d crawled on hands and knees through ¾ inch gravel peppered with fallen screws, hooked the back of my shirt on one of the nails, and hit my head on a screw protruding down through the boards. I was filthy, sore and beat up.

I had an idea. Maybe I would never have to crawl under a deck ever again to relevel it!

After 30 years in the printing industry as a senior service technician, known as the troubleshooting expert, I enjoyed the challenge of solving complicated tech problems. I also sold and installed large format printing presses around the globe. The most critical challenge of installing these 50plus ton machines was constructing solid foundations and footings, with micro-precision levelling to run these beasts to produce quality print. Over the years, I’ve encountered many different levelling systems, but many were difficult to work with, due to the over-engineering that made them too complicated. I’ve always believed in the K.I.S.S. theory – Keep It Stupidly Simple. Years ago one system stuck out that took very little effort to adjust the levellers of these mega ton machines. The concept was simple. The theory made sense. Unfortunately the manufacturer closed down many years ago, but the theory stuck in the back of my mind.

As I thought about the deck levelling products on the market that I’d tried, you still have to crawl under the deck. They still all need adjusting from underneath. Not only that, cranking on the adjusting nuts to try and push the weight upwards takes a lot of effort which goes against my KISS theory. Plus the systems are exposed to the elements, so corrosion is another undesirable factor.

I wanted a system that was simple and effective, that required very little effort, and could be performed from the top of the deck! A big ask, but an idea was sparked.

I designed my first prototype for my son in British Columbia. He had to replace his deck and because of the location, which by the way is on the base of a mountain with a steep slope, so this was the perfect scenario for TopDeckLevelers (TDL). We built a 40’ x 10’ free-standing deck with a heavy timber frame pergola in the centre. We installed the TDL on all the post locations with access holes from the deck surface. The system works fantastic, and he loves the fact that he never has to go underneath. It is now 3 years and he still has no problem adjusting. When needed, with the simple turn of a ratchet he levels his deck from the top. No more crawling around under his deck, and he still marvels how simple and easy it is.

My son kept pushing me to patent the idea and after many hours of refining the concept and design, I completed the patent application for U.S.A. and Canada in February 2020. I am truly excited and thankful to my family and friends for their support in encouraging me to get this out to the world. Despite Covid, we have started to get this into the marketplace. TDL are now being manufactured in Canada and units are being sold online and through local advertising.

I’m excited to bring this product to the market to keep people safe from injury, and to enjoy using my simple system to easily level any deck and platform.

~ Rey Laferriere, The Inventor of Top Deck Leveler

Rey Laferriere, The Inventor of Top Deck Leveler

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